A selection of radio clips, audio for the web and podcasts.

Tracking Down a Chemical Killer PRX | 11/20/15

*This production is part of the STEM Story Project — distributed by PRX and made possible with funds from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. It aired on The Allegheny Report and New Hampshire Public Radio.

Mink: trappings of success | Backstory | 07/05/13

Michael Pollan Interview: on California Prop 37 | Downstream, KALX | 11/06/13

Auralizing air pollution | Downstream, KALX | 10/30/12

Scorched Earth | The Field Trip Podcast | 10/01/12

Colorado’s push to end homelessness | Mountain Edition, KAJX | 08/17/12

Disabled veterans find companionship at local horse barn | Mountain Edition, KAJX | 08/10/12

Rare fireflies spotted in mysterious meadows | Mountain Edition, KAJX | 07/06/12

Taking healthcare to the streets | North Gate Radio, KALX | 04/10/12

New technology brings old audio back to life | North Gate Radio, KALX | 03/20/12


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